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Don't Mean Broken - Michael Bruner
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Running Out (R.Cotelo - M.Gaviglio)



Instru Dash Mental Records presents "Moments and Fragments" , the sophomore LP from music collective #Bloomerangs.  The playlist features original music from its members, and includes International Songwriting Competition Jazz category semi-finalist tunes "In Some Shape or Form" and "S Mitchell St".


Honoring the title of the record; the music takes the listener into a journey of multiple dimensions and moods with Jazz being the transporting vehicle. The moments range from the Free Jazz and odd signature explorations in "Catch a Clue", to Latin inspired innuendos in "Untold", and the calming fragments of "Mind your F".

In harmony with the band's intentions "Moments and Fragments" includes a diverse collection of sonic landscapes that snapshots the intent to keep pushing the genre's stylistic lines. Grunge Jazz Etude like piece "Change of Pace" is a clear example of how far the band was willing to go to achieve that goal.


#Bloomerangs guitarist and music director Rodrigo Cotelo led the production of the record in conjunction with its drummer & composer Chris Parker.


Apart from Chris Parker on Drums and Rodrigo Cotelo on Guitars, "Moments and Fragments" also features Stefan Lenthe on Bass and Clay Wulbrecht on Piano.

"Moments and Fragments" will be available in the fall of 2019.



Jared Griffin: Vocals

Marco Messina: Bass

Leo Varga: Drums

Rodrigo Cotelo: Guitars


Recorded in 2018 at Instru Dash Mental Studios (Frankfort, IN) by Rodrigo Cotelo.

Mixed by: TBD

Mastered by TBD

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