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Michael Bruner set to release first single "Don't Mean Broken"

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

"Don't Mean Broken" follows up Michael Bruner's first EP "Transmit"

Artwork for "Don't Mean Broken" is also created by Michael Bruner.

“When I lost contact with a dear friend, I wrote this song as a message to her, to find strength in her own company” - M.Bruner

Don't Mean Broken shares a message to those that lose their strength in the co-dependence of others. It was brought to light as a collaborative effort in between Michael and Producer Rodrigo Cotelo in the summer of 2018. The recording sessions took place in Instru Dash Mental studios in Frankfort, IN, and Michael Bruner's Music Box studio in Bloomington, IN. Tato Bolognini's Drum takes were registered at Berequetum studio in Montevideo, Uruguay.

The single counts with the participation of session Bass player Marco Messina to complement Michael's voice and guitars, and Rodrigo's guitars and percussion. Appearing also as a collaborator is Gabe Bruner, a follow up to his previous contribution on Michael's first released EP "Transmit".

Other Instru Dash Mental credits include A&R & Production assistance by Chris Parker, and Mixing supervision & Mastering by Chip Reardin

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