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Interstate EP

Chris Parker

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Chris Parker’s sophomore release “Interstate EP” brings together musicians from all over the country, collaborating on two original compositions crafted and arranged specifically for these exceptional players.


“Interstate EP” is a musical reflection of Parker’s time commuting back and forth from the Midwest to New York City. He split his time between these two scenes for several years before returning to Indiana University to complete his studies when the COVID-19 Pandemic hit the world.


“Interstate EP” features the Chris Parker original “Here To Stay”, and shares songwriting credits in “Aires (De Chacarera)” with Spanish composer Tabaré Muzio and Rodrigo Cotelo.


These compositions serve as musical foils in many ways, while both contributing to painting a musical picture of Parker’s time commuting between his native home of Bloomington, Indiana and New York City.


The record features some of his favorite musical collaborators from both regions. The fiery, explosive sounds of clarinetist Frank Glover in "Aires", and the unique tone and inflections of guitarist Brandon Coleman in "Here to Stay" give this record moments of extreme intensity.


Vocalist Olivia Chindamo brings a unique tonal palette to the melody, vocal improv, and chorale sections of “Here To Stay”. Scott Pazera and Parker hold down the rhythm section and provide the music with immense color and direction.

Track Titles

1) Aires (De Chacarera) - T.Muzio, R.Cotelo, C.Parker

2) Here to Stay - C.Parker





Performances by:

"Aires (De Chacarera)"

Frank Glover - Clarinet

Scott Pazera - Bass

Clay Wulbrecht - Piano

Rodrigo Cotelo - Guitar and Hand Claps

Chris Parker - Drums

"Here to Stay"

Brandon Coleman -  Lead Guitar

Olivia Chindamo - Vocals

Scott Pazera - Bass

Clay Wulbrecht - Wurlitzer

Rodrigo Cotelo - Guitars

Chris Parker - Drums and Marimba

Recorded at Instru Dash Mental Studios (Frankfort, IN) by Rodrigo Cotelo, and by Chris Parker at Parker Town Studios (New York, NY and Unionville, IN)

Produced and arranged by Rodrigo Cotelo & Chris Parker


Audio Mixing and Mastering by Chip Reardin

Photos & Cover Art by Isabella Isherwood

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