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Analysis Paralysis

Tote Fernandez




Drummer Tote Fernandez debut solo album "Analysis Paralysis" is simply a bang. From the get go, the listener will understand the technical excellence in the musicianship of the players, and at the same time, leave no doubts that the music is Alternative and Progressive in its nature.

From calm meditative moods, to extreme flurries of metal aggressiveness, "Analysis Paralysis" will journey through all of the tones and textures in between those two divergent poles. Nothing feels difficult or forced to invoke deep emotional moments in the observer, making this album feel effortless and entertaining.



“Analysis Paralysis" has a stellar cast of artists that among others include progressive rock master keyboardist Derek Sherinian (Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Planet X), metal bass great Steve di Giorgio (Testament, Death), Freak Kitchen guitarist Mattias Eklundh, and prog guitar wizard Al Joseph.

Tote Fernandez own prowess as an instrumentalist is on full display in the album. The drumming truly leads the way, framing the content in a rock solid eco-system of grooves, dynamics control, and space handling like the masters do.

All the originals in the setlist, have a unique voice of their own, and a story that serve as a canvas for the musicians to bring their individual palette of colors in play. This diverse combination of shades and fades (all under a progressive rock umbrella) is what makes this album feel like those that makes you want to listen to it again once done.


Produced by Tote Fernandez, Rodrigo Cotelo & Francisco Fattoruso


Tote Fernandez - Drums

Rodrigo Cotelo - Guitars

Nacho Labrada - Keyboards

With the special participation of:

Derek Sherinian - Keyboard solo on "Before the Agony"

Mattias "IA" Eklundh - Guitar solos on "Hail Stain"

Steve Di Giorgio - Bass on "Chasing Hellhounds"

Al Joseph - Guitar solos on "Reject Reborn (Every Time)" and "Hail Stain"

Francisco Fattoruso - Guitar solos on "Chasing Hellhounds" and "Transmittance". Bass solo on "After the Storm"

Federico Navarro - Guitar solos on "Before the Agony" and "After the Storm"

Fede Delfino - Bass on "Hail Stain" and "Transmittance"

Gerardo Alonso - Bass on "Moon in Flames"

Marco Messina - Bass on "Before the Agony", "Reject Reborn (Every Time)", and "After the Storm"

Fer-O-Smith - Vocals on "Reject Reborn (Every Time)"

Paul Logue - Spoken voice on "Reject Reborn (Every Time)"

Pablo Fernandez Villagran - Guitar solo on "Moon in Flames"

All music composed by Rodrigo Cotelo

Lyrics on "Reject Reborn (Every Time)" by Rodrigo Cotelo and Fer-O-Smith

Audio Engineering and Mixing by Francisco Fattoruso in Los Angeles, California.

Drums Recording by Gerardo Alonso in Montevideo, Uruguay

Audio Mastering by Glenn Schick

Production Assistance - Marco Messina, Fede Delfino, and Federico Navarro

Audio Mix Assistance by Xavier Pereira Leite.

Graphic Design & Art by Eugin Core

All rights reserved to Instru Dash Mental LLC. 2020.

Tote Fernandez is endorsed by Bosphorus Cymbals, Canopus Drums, Vater Drumsticks, and Skygel Damper Pads


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