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Filling the Blanks (feat.Katie Kerch)

Rodrigo Cotelo

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Running Out is the first single release of Alternative Rock studio project "Crash Anxiety". The recording is brought to light by session musicians from different backgrounds and nationalities.

The story pushed forward describes the gathering of courage to say the things we want to our loved ones, and the last minute struggles of these communications.

From guitar arpeggios to bone crushing rifts, to a power packed drum beat, Running Out takes the listener for a ride in an action filled sonic roller coaster.


Running Out - Crash Anxiety
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Track Titles

Filling the Blanks (feat. Katie Kerch) - (R.Cotelo)



Talk about the music creation separate form the lyrics

"The lyrics were written in a drive on Highway 1 from San Francisco to San Diego with my good drummer friend Martin Gaviglio" adds songwriter Rodrigo Cotelo.


Written and Produced by Rodrigo Cotelo

Assistant Producer Luis Ravizza

Brass arrangement by Brennan Johns

Strings arrangement by Ramiro Flores

Vocal arrangement by Luis Ravizza & Rodrigo Cotelo

Performances by:

Katie Kerch: Vocals

Brennan Johns: French Horn, Trumpet, Trombone

Payge Cooper: Drums

Kenneth "Kaybass" Diggs III: Bass

Patrick Devon: Keyboards

Federico Navarro: Guitar

Nate Werth: Percussion

Christine Brebes – Violin 1

Carlos Brítez – Violin 2

Mariano Malamud – Viola

Karmen Rencar - Violoncello

Ramiro Flores: Soprano Sax Intro

Andrew Gould: Soprano Sax Solo

Rodrigo Cotelo: Guitars and Percussion

Recorded at at Instru Dash Mental Studios (Frankfort, IN) by Rodrigo Cotelo.

Strings recorded by Hernan Jacinto (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Andrew Gould recorded by Chris Parker (New York City, NY).

Audio Mixing and Mastering by Luis Ravizza

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