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Gastón Reggio


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Michigan is the second album by musician and composer Gastón Reggio and his first for Instru Dash Mental records. Featuring a stellar cast of musicians such as Rob Dixon, Francisco Fattoruso, Rebecca Kleinmann, Ramiro Flores, and Nair Mirabrat, it not only beautifully showcases Gastón's prowess as a  drummer but a composer as well.

​Previously released as a single and also part of the album "Ya no verás" was awarded a recognition in the Jazz Fusion category songwriting competition by the "Premios Nacionales de Música del Uruguay" and brought a strike of validation to the innovative compositional approach Gastón was able to achieve, as well as a fresh new sound in the arrangements and textures of the production.

​In the border of being wholly World Music and not necessarily Jazz, "Michigan" introduces a multi dimensional fusion not only of these genres, but also provides landscapes of geographical landmarks of sorts in the way of music.



The first composition in the set "Michigan" gives the name to the album and provides an energetic rhythmic bang to the beginning of the setlist. This music is a landmark for Gaston's first home in the US while in Ann Arbor and a milestone for his journey to document his arrival to a new home.

​True to a geographical journal of sorts "Crossing the Appalachians" feels like the marrying of the folk feels of the United States vistas and Gaston's South American roots with all of its rich textures and sensibilities that make the marrying of these two cultures an original and fresh approach to World Music and Jazz.

Track Titles


  1. Michigan (G.Reggio)

  2. Pepo (G.Regio)

  3. Ya no Verás (G.Reggio)

  4. Not Yet Intro (G.Reggio)

  5. Not Yet (G.Reggio)

  6. Vos (G.Reggio-R.Cotelo)

  7. Crossing the Appalachians (G.Reggio)

  8. The Strings we Attach (G.Reggio, F.Fattoruso, R.Cotelo)



Featured performances by:

Gaston Reggio: Drums, Vocals, Percussion, Nylon and Acoustic Guitar

Francisco Fattoruso:  Fretless, Electric, and Upright Bass

Clary Wulbrecht: Piano, and Melodica

Daniel Barden: Lead Electric Guitar

Rodrigo Cotelo: Electric Guitar, 12 string Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Sitar, Mandolin, Synth, Harmonium, and Percussion


Additional performances by:

Nico Selves: Vocals on Ya no Verás, Michigan, and Vos.

Rob Dixon: Tenor, Alto, and Soprano Sax on Pepo, and Not Yet.

Ramiro Flores: Clarinet, Soprano, and Alto sax on Ya no Verás.

Amanda Mara: Vocals in Ya no Verás and The Strings we Attach

Federico Araujo: Accordion on Crossing the Appalachians

Rebecca Kleinmann: Flute and Alto Flute in Vos

Martin Ibarra: Guitar in Ya no Verás

Marco Messina: Bass in Vos


Produced by Rodrigo Cotelo

Co-Produced by Gaston Reggio

Mixing Engineer: Francisco Fattoruso

Mastering Engineer: Andrés Mayo

All music written by Gaston Reggio with the exception of “Vos” by Gaston Reggio and Rodrigo Cotelo, and “The Strings we Attach” by Gaston Reggio, Francisco Fattoruso, and Rodrigo Cotelo.


Recorded by Rodrigo Cotelo at Instru Dash Mental studios, Frankfort, IN, Osceola Studios in Raleigh, NC, and Berequetum studio in Montevideo, Uruguay. Drums recording assistant engineer Dick Hodgin.


Additional Recordings by:

Gaston Reggio at home location and at Rebecca Kleinman’s home location, Raleigh, NC. Daniel Barden at home location, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Ramiro Flores at home location, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Amanda Mara at home location, Las Toscas, Canelones Uruguay, Nico Selves at home location, Las Toscas, Canelones, Uruguay, and Martin Ibarra at home location, Montevideo, Uruguay.

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