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Live by Creekside

RC Trio

Live at Creekside Cover Square.jpg


RC Trio's brand of "Dirty Blues" and Jazz Fusion come to light in their debut album "Live by Creekside" recorded August 6th, 2021 at Creekside Music in Frankfort, IN. 


The playlist takes the listener through a journey of sorts in all original material led by its leader / founder / producer Rodrigo Cotelo (Guitars), featuring also the talented Connor Allen (Bass) and Chris Parker (Drums).

A spirit of community through music is clearly elaborated in the "Improvisation #" numbers which are spontaneous creations by the trio itself, based off of the audience interaction with them in the show.



From climatic and New Age like moments to Jazz Rock intense feels, RC Trio delivers to both the connoisseur and non-experts different avenues to dive in, and they go deep.


The ever vibing mood of "Harmonix" sets the stage of the infinite sonic possibilities  the trio brings to life in this performance. "We seriously take the risk of exploring the boundaries of the music in play, we are also pushing our capacity as musicians to stretch the imagination of the divergent avenues that we could travel within the vehicle of the composition as far as we can" - said Rodrigo Cotelo.

Track Titles

1) Souly

2) Rarapatumbe (Usual Suspects)

3) Improvisation #27

4) Moving Forward Now

5) Inopus

6) Improvisation #23

7) Funky Real (feat. Luna Worldcast)

8) Harmonix

9) Improvisation #87

10) No Hay Que Tirar Mas Mugre (Stop Litteting!)

11) Lady Rowena




Recorded August 6th 2021 live at Creekside Music in Frankfort, Indiana.


Connor Allen – Bass

Chris Parker – Drums

Rodrigo Cotelo – Guitar


Produced by Rodrigo Cotelo

Recorded by Matt Teden

Audio Mix by Marco Messina

Audio Mastering by Luis Ravizza


Art cover, photography and design by Geoffrey Raker


All music composed by Rodrigo Cotelo except “Moving Forward Now” composed by Chris Parker, "Souly" and “Rarapatumbe (Usual Suspects)” by Diego Bustingorry and Rodrigo Cotelo, and Improvisation #23, #27, and #87 composed by Chris Parker, Connor Allen, Rodrigo Cotelo and the audience that participated of the event. “Funky Real” contains an excerpt from “Paper Scratcher” by Brad Smith / Christopher Thorn / Glen Graham / Shannon Hoon / Rogers Stevens.

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