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Petronio Bendito


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Petronio Bendito, Ed.D., is a new media designer, artist, and educator. His creative and scholarly works investigate digital color design methodologies and the intersection of art, design, science, and technology. He is an associate professor at Purdue University's Rueff School of Design, Art, and Performance. Through his practice, Bendito examines digital color design methodology and aesthetics, visual literacy, and educational technology. He has worked extensively on interdisciplinary art projects, bringing together a wide range of professionals, approaches, and disciplines, including art, design, mathematics, computer science, neuroscience, music, dance, choreography, theater, and light design.


Bendito co-authored the NeuroArt Lounge, which is an interactive multimedia art+design project that utilizes neurofeedback to educate the public about self-regulation of the nervous system related to calm and focus. Additionally, he also created the Inner Power Flow sequence, a light exercise routine he specifically designed for the workplace to improve physical and mental well-being.


Inner Power Flow.png

Inner Power Flow is a 10 minute stretch, strength, and mindfulness practice curated by Petronio Bendito to improve physical and mental well-being. The main goal of this practice is to bring calmness and focus to the spirit while refreshing the body. The music played during the practice is designed to complement the sequence of exercises, promote engagement, and enhance the overall experience.


The album includes companion guides in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It also contains a soundscape track with no voice and a self-guided recording with transition cues (bells).

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