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Big Gothic

Flink COVER.jpg


Track Titles

1) Today (3:55)

2) Mad Love (3:08)

3) Heartbreak Hotel (3:21)

4) Jimmy's Getaway (3:13)

5) Calling My Name (5:32)



Instru Dash Mental Records presents "Flink" a collaborative studio project by songwriter Sebastian Sen, vocalist Jared Griffin, and producer Rodrigo Cotelo.

The elements incorporated in the music range from hard hitting alternative rock to acoustic folk influenced ballads.

Flink takes the listener on a journey of heartbreak and self discovery. Through standout tracks "Today", "Mad Love", and "Calling My Name", the EP highlights early adulthood moods and scenes. Never shy of explicitly exposing the graphic elements that encompass experimentation...


Big Gothic guitarist and songwriter Sebastian Sen met producer Rodrigo Cotelo while sharing duties for Indie Rock band "Electric Kool-Aid". Among other select appearances, they were selected by MTV as one of the most promising bands of late 2000's. Big Gothic came into full circle once vocalist, Jared Griffin, added his artistry to the project.


The EP starts with the mainstream alternative sound of "Today". This sets the tone for the darker post punk mood of "Mad Love", a song about loss and despair.

Nothing is left behind into the more energetic and festive "Heartbreak Hotel" which incorporates some ska-punk moments. The electric sound of Flink concludes with "Jimmy's Getaway" that describes the hidden and adventurous LGBQT explorations of the character in the song.

"Calling My Name" is the alternative-folk innuendo of Flink, closing it in fashion with what could be considered a lullaby of sorts.

"Flink" is avaiable for free streaming on Soundcloud.



Jared Griffin - Vocals

Sebastian Sen – Rhythm Guitar, Samples

Rodrigo Cotelo – Lead Guitars, Banjo, Mandolin, Synths, & FX

Leo Varga – Drums

Federico Garrido – Bass

Matias Arriola – Piano & Hammond

Additional musicians:

Jimena Molina - Background Vocals

Juan Rodriguez - Cello

Marco Messina - Bass (Calling My Name)

All songs written by Sebastian Sen

Arrangements by Rodrigo Cotelo

Produced and recorded in 2019 by Rodrigo Cotelo at Instru Dash Mental Studios


Mixed and Mastered by Martin Berloto

Additional recordings at Berequetum by Luis Ravizza


Cover art by Cecilia Gambetta

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