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Horizon Sunset




"Horizon Sunset" #Bloomerangs debut album originally released for PARMA records in 2016.

The 22 participating musicians – hailing from the United States, Uruguay, Argentina and Spain– all blend their musical backgrounds on the album, which composer and producer Rodrigo Cotelo described as an “ode to endings that lead to new beginnings” to further expand #Bloomerangs vision of “integrating different cultures and sounds as an expression vehicle to a common universal language through music.”

In this vein, Horizon Sunset transcends limits of the imagination, searching for new vistas in a modern global world. The album candidly displays this approach, as it features a diverse array of sounds and instruments, often with several guest artists playing with the set of featured musicians of the album. These sounds range from the banjo of the smaller quartet in Pluralize-It to the accordion in the larger ensemble in Man B and the harmonica in It Shall Pass…

True to #Bloomerangs interests, Horizon Sunset also combines several genre elements – from jazzy big band ensemble in Low Ride to funky bass grooves in Pensive and Ten and Nine to an upbeat rock approach in Holly Molly. The instrumental foundations never sound fragmented from each other; the album’s many different sounds blend together to form a seamless, original voice to reflect the vision of #Bloomerangs.



Known throughout Uruguay as a composer, performer, and collaborator, the multi talented Rodrigo Cotelo showcases his band leading skills in Horizon Sunset guiding international music collective #Bloomerangs through a diverse collection of multi-genre compositions.

"Young Dads" was distinguished as a semi-finalist in the Jazz category of the 2015 edition of the International Songwriting Competition. The jury had among others Pat Metheny, Wayne Shorter, and Danilo Perez.

Track Titles

1) Pluralízalo (Pluralize-it)

2) Pensante (Pensive) (feat. Ramiro Flores)

3) De Viaje (On a trip)

4) Low Ride (feat. Rodrigo Cotelo)

5) Man B (feat. Rodrigo G Pahlen & Hernán Romero)

6) Todo Pasa (It shall pass) (feat. Marco Messina)

7) Diez y Nueve (Ten and Nine)  (feat. Nacho Labrada)

8) Nuestro (Ours) (feat. Maxi Nathan & Ramiro Flores)

9) Young Dads (feat. Nacho Labrada & Rodrigo Cotelo)

10) Pinos del Edén (Eden Pine Trees)

11) Purple (feat. Rodrigo G Pahlen)

12) Holly Molly (feat. Martin Berloto & Mauricio Trobo)



All music written by Rodrigo Cotelo except "Pluralize-it" and "Ten and Nine" by Rodrigo Cotelo & Marco Messina, and "Pinos del Edén" by Rodrigo Cotelo & Luis Ravizza

Featured performances by:

Tato Bolognini - Drums

Ramiro Flores - Soprano, Alto, and Tenor Saxophone

Marco Messina - Upright, Electric, and Fretless Bass

Rodrigo Cotelo - Banjo, Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Drum Programming, Scratch, and Percussion

With performances by:

Nacho Labrada - Rhodes, Hammond, and Piano

Rodrigo G Pahlen - Piano and Harmonica

Mauricio Trobo - Synth & Percussion

Chris Parker - Snare, Cymbals, Trombone and Euphonium

Matias Arriola - Sequencer, Rhodes, and Piano

Aditional performances by:

Todd Hildreth - Accordion & Piano

Luis Ravizza - Vocals & Percussion

Alfredo Monetti - Piano

Jeffrey Parker - Trumpet

Dan Zehringher - Trumpet

Guest performances by:

Martin Berloto - Guitar in Holly Molly

Maxi Nathan - Vibraphone in Nuestro

Manuel Contrera - Rhodes in Todo Pasa

Hernán Romero - Spanish Guitar in Man B

Federico Blois - Percussion in Pensante

Juan Rodriguez - Violoncello in Todo Pasa

Miguel Leal - Flugelhorn in Pensante

Produced by Rodrigo Cotelo

Co-Produced by Marco Messina

Associate Producer: Martin Berloto

Musical Direction & Arrangements by Rodrigo Cotelo & Marco Messina

Recorded at Instru Dash Mental studios  and mobile locations by Rodrigo Cotelo & Marco Messina. Additional Location Recordings:

Matías Arriola Keyboards & Sequences recorded at Projector Studio in Montevideo, Uruguay

Violoncellos recorded by Gerardo Alonso in Montevideo, Uruguay

Harmonicas & Piano on “Man B” recorded by Rodrigo G Pahlen at Grassot studios in Barcelona, Spain

“Pensive” & “Eden Pine Trees” Saxophones recorded by Ramiro Flores in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Bass takes on “Ours”, miscellaneous Percussion on “Man B”, and “Pinos del Edén” vocals recorded at Berequetum studios by Luis Ravizza in Montevideo, Uruguay

“Man B” Claps and “Holly Molly” Keyboard solo recorded at MT studios by Mauricio Trobo in Maldonado, Uruguay

Spanish guitar recorded by Hernán Romero at Hernan Romero Productions Studio in Clifton, New Jersey, USA

Martin Berloto Guitar on “Holly Molly” recorded by Martin Berloto at MB Electronica in Montevideo, Uruguay


Edited by Rodrigo Cotelo and Marco Messina

Mixing Engineer: Martin Berloto

Drum Doctor: Leo Varga

Mastering Engineer: Lucas Paquette

Assistant Mastering Engineer: Levi Brown

Graphic Design: Emily Roulo

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