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RC Trio is a Jazz Fusion / Dirty Blues ensemble led by Frankfort composer/producer/musician Rodrigo Cotelo. Founded in 2019 to support Frankfort’s Creekside music activities and live events, the trio is a canvas for expanding on improvisational music.


Interstate EP Cover Art.jpg
Live by Creekside

Drummer Chris Parker's sophomore release dives into an array of intense textures in a pair of new original compositions. Partnering with both New York City and Midwest-based collaborators, Interstate EP blends the influences of each performer seamlessly, taking the listener into a daring genre pushing journey.

Brandon Coleman and Olivia Chindamo's innovative ideas complemented with Scott Pazera's brilliant solo, make "Here to Stay" a strong statement piece which snapshots Chris Parker's growth as an artist.

"Aires (de Chacarera)" features clarinet virtuoso Frank Glover, who has been collaborating with Chris on drums for his latest projects. Scott Pazera, this time on fretless bass, adds Carles Benavent type Spanish flavors while #Bloomerangs bandmates Clay Wulbrecht on piano and Rodrigo Cotelo on guitar comprise the lively rhythm section of this original.

Other Works and Collaborations
Moments and Fragments_Single2_new.jpg
Better Late Art Cover.jpg

Moments and Fragments is #Bloomerangs sophomore album. The music featured in the playlist are all original compositions by its members. The album features Stefan Lenthe (Bass), Clay Wulbrecht (Piano), Chris Parker (Drums), and Rodrigo Cotelo (Guitar). Available Fall 2019.

Horizon Sunset

Horizon Sunset’s music is an ode to endings that lead to new beginnings. It inspires to renew ourselves and pursue higher ideals to strive for while letting go. The sun setting is the sun rising at the same time. It sunsets everyday but not always are we lucky to witness the happening while contemplating the endless horizon unobstructed vision.