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Inner Power Flow

Petronio Bendito



Inner Power Flow is a 10 minute practice designed by Petronio Bendito to bring calm to the spirit and relaxation to the body. The music was conceived to be the complementary audio track for the exercise.


Through Instru Dash Mental records you'll find the soundscape track, the self guided one with its transition cues, as well as companion guides in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



There's a place of calm, contentment, and peace deep inside of us that is fully accessible if we have the key to open up and get there. Bringing body and mind together through awareness, motion, sound, visualization, and affirmation is a powerful tool to unlock this pathway.

The Inner Power Flow exercise sequence is a ritual and a mechanism to: stretch and release muscle tension; lubricate and loosen up the joints; realign the body; strengthen the legs; pump blood to the heart; and develop balance and focus. 


The practice takes only 10 minutes and can be repeated during the day to refresh the body & mind and to reconnect with the spirit—our sense of wholeness. 

Track Titles

1) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Soundscape

2) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Self Guided

3) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - English Guide

4) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Guia em Português

5) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Guía en español



Music composition & production by Rodrigo Cotelo

Guitar, keyboards, electric sitar, and percussion by Rodrigo Cotelo

Guide voice in English, Portuguese, and Spanish by Petronio Bendito

Audio mixing and mastering by Rodrigo Cotelo


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