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Inner Power Flow

Petronio Bendito

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Inner Power Flow is a 10 minute stretch, strength, and mindfulness practice curated by Petronio Bendito to improve physical and mental well-being. The main goal of this practice is to bring calmness and focus to the spirit while refreshing the body. The music played during the practice is designed to complement the sequence of exercises, promote engagement, and enhance the overall experience.


The album includes companion guides in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. It also contains a soundscape track with no voice and a self-guided recording with transition cues (bells)



Motivation: Designed to be practiced at home, office, or outdoors, the INNER POWER FLOW exercise sequence is a unique routine that can be done while standing, unlike traditional yoga sequences, which may require laying down on a mat. Stretching exercises, such as those in INNER POWER FLOW, release muscle tension, improve joint mobility, realign the body, strengthen legs, increase energy, and improve balance, calm, and focus.

Duration: The practice can be completed in just 10 minutes and repeated throughout the day to refresh the body and mind.


Well-being: Inside each of us lies a place of serenity, satisfaction, and tranquility that can be fully accessed if we possess the key to unlock it. The Inner Power Flow utilizes mindfulness, movement, sound, and visualization as a means of opening up the pathway that brings together the body and mind.

Music: The music is synced with the exercise sequence to enhance engagement, motivation, and focus. Voice and bell sounds mark transitions. Additional tracks are available for different experiences, such as a soundscape for relaxation or background music and a voice-free exercise sequence.

Track Titles

1) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Soundscape

2) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Self Guided

3) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - English Guide

4) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Guia em Português

5) Inner Power Flow mindfulness stretch - Guía en Español



Music composition and production by Rodrigo Cotelo
Music concept and development by Petronio Bendito and Rodrigo Cotelo
Guide voice in English, Portuguese, and Spanish by Petronio Bendito
Guitar, keyboards, electric sitar, and percussion by Rodrigo Cotelo Audio mixing and mastering by Rodrigo Cotelo
Released by Instru Dash Mental Records


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