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#Bloomerangs "Moments and Fragments" to be released on Instru Dash Mental Records March 27th, 2020.

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

Artwork for "Moments and Fragments" was created by Petronio Bendito.

All the music in the album are originals by #Bloomerangs members.

“It was a crazy good time bringing to light this music. It was recorded literally on graduation day for both Clay and Stefan and it's a snapshot of where we all were at that moment of our artistic careers” - R.Cotelo

The album features Stefan Lenthe on Bass, Clay Wulbrecht on Piano, Chris Parker on Drums, and Rodrigo Cotelo on Guitars.


Recorded at Airtime Studios in Bloomington, Indiana by Chip Reardin.

Mixed and Mastered by Luis Ravizza at Berequetum studios, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Artwork by Petronio Bendito. Graphic Design by Geoff Raker. All music written by #Bloomerangs. Produced by Rodrigo Cotelo. Co-produced by Chris Parker.

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