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Better Late

Aaron Mutchler

(feat. #Bloomerangs)


Better Late Art Cover.jpg

Instru Dash Mental Records presents “Better Late” the debut single from trumpeter Aaron Mutchler featuring the music collective #Bloomerangs. “Better Late,” beautifully showcases Aaron’s prowess as a not only a trumpet player but a composer as well.


With a smooth folk-like feel “Better Late” features a wandering melody that takes the listener on a blissful journey. Throughout the song, there are solos from Ramiro Flores on Soprano Saxophone and a Trumpet solo from Aaron to close the song.


“Better Late” is a more than compelling debut to what will undoubtedly be a long and promising musical career for Aaron Mutchler



Production of “Better Late” was lead by #Bloomerangs guitarist, Rodrigo Cotelo.

With composer Aaron Mutchler on Trumpet and Rodrigo on Guitar, this song also includes the voice of Ramiro Flores on Soprano saxophone, and Jeffrey Parker on Flugelhorn, plus the rest of the #Bloomerangs rhythm section, Stefan Lenthe on Bass, Clay Wulbrecht on Piano, and Chris Parker on Drums. 

Track Titles

Better Late (feat. #Bloomerangs)

Written by Aaron Mutchler

Arrangement by Aaron Mutchler & Rodrigo Cotelo



Aaron Mutchler: Trumpet

Ramiro Flores: Flute, Clarinet, Soprano Sax

Jeffrey Parker: Flugelhorn

Stefan Lenthe: Bass

Clay Wulbrecht: Piano

Chris Parker: Drums

Rodrigo Cotelo: Guitars

Recorded in 2018 at Instru Dash Mental Studios (Frankfort, IN) by Rodrigo Cotelo.


Produced and Mixed by Rodrigo Cotelo.

Mastering Engineering by Chip Reardin.

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